HITAKAMI MARKET seafood from the cold, rough, but fertile waters of Japan


Sanriku seafoods Oysters set

Frozen Boiled Oysters made with our traditional way by simmered it in oyster extract and nothing else. The enjoy the pure flavor of oysters as they are, with rice or pasta, in stews or soups. Frozen Broiled Oysters, lightly seasoned by simmered it in oyster extract, broiled on an open fire and aged to bring out the best flavors of the oysters. They go perfectly with wine, sake, and other alcoholic beverages, or with rice and grated daikon.

Oyster boiled in saltwater 170g×2
Roasted Oyster 50g×2


Winner of the First Prize in the food category at the national competition for gifts.

55th National Recommended Tourist Gift Committee The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries prize

Sanriku seafoods Oyster and Scallop set

Sanriku Seafood Gift Set -Boiled and Broiled Oyster and Scallop has won numerous awards. Enjoy the rich flavor of oysters and scallops made with our special boiling and broiling techniques.

Oyster boiled in saltwater 170g
Roasted Oyster 50g
Scallop boiled in saltwater 3 pieces
Roasted Scallop 2 pieces


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