HITAKAMI MARKET seafood from the cold, rough, but fertile waters of Japan


Seafood from the cold, rough, but fertile waters of Japan

# Boiled Series
Oysters and scallops cooked the traditional way, simmered it in oyster and scallop extract.
# Broiled Series
Broiled carefully and aged at a low temperature, bringing out the best of their natural flavors.
# Smoked Series
Simmered it in the extract, broiled on an open fire, aged at a low temperature, smoked with cherry tree chips, and then aged further.
# Oyster Miso Series
A careful blend of oysters and Sendai miso for an exquisite taste.
# Osashimi Series
Fresh hoya caught in the morning and flash-frozen to seal in the taste.
# Salted Seaweed
Thick, soft, delicious wakame grown in the ocean off Sanriku.
# Direct from the farm series
Sashimi-grade products in their shells, sent to you fresh.
# Present
Special gifts to make a loved one smile.


In ancient Japan, the Kitakami River was known as the Hitakami River, and  the region to the east of Yamato Province, which was the capital, was called Hitakami Province. Hitakami Province has long been renowned for its rich fishing grounds, where fresh water flows from the deciduous forests of the Kitakami and Ou Mountains and mixes with deep oceanic waters off Sanriku Kinka. Historically, the province was the richest in natural resources in Japan, with rich sources of food from its mountains, rivers, and sea, and even deposits of gold and iron from its mountains.